Test your skill on how to spot scams
and what to do should you encounter them.

Question 1/5:

You found a cleaning service provider that is offering a very attractive package via social media that requires you to install an application to make the payment.
Would you download the application?

Question 2/5:

A friend has invited you to invest in a new investment scheme that offers immediate high commission in return.
Do you think that the investment scheme seems suspicious?

Question 3/5:

You received a part time job offer via social media with high commission rates that requires you transfer funds in order to earn the commission.
Would you perform the task given accordingly to earn the high commission?

Question 4/5:

You have received a SMS from an unknown number claims to be from a legitimate organization offering you loan deal with an extremely attractive benefit.
Would you accept the loan since it offers many attractive benefits?

Question 5/5:

You received a call from an unknown person claiming to be the authorities’/bank agent and you are suddenly accused of being involved in criminal activities. You are required to provide your details for investigation.
Would you follow their instructions without question?


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