Retail Loans/Financing 2022 Repayment Assistance

Retail Loans/Financing 2022 Repayment Assistance under Revised Repayment, Rescheduled & Restructured for Individuals and Business Customers Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic (2022 RA).

(Exclude Hire Purchase & Credit Card)


  • Individuals.
  • Businesses.
  • Loans/Financing less than 90 days past due at the point of 2022 RA.

For application of 2022 RA approved under Rescheduled & Restructured (R&R), your account will be tagged as Rescheduled (C) / Restructured (T) in Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) CCRIS.


Credit Card/Credit Card-i COVID-19 Repayment Assistance

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To COVID-19 Affected Customers

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