FAQs on Things That You Need to Know on Targeted Repayment Assistance for all individuals in B40 category and eligible Microenterprises/Micro SME Hire Purchase (HP)/AITAB Hire Purchase-i (AITAB HP-i)

No. Question Answer
1. Who is eligible?
  1. Any customers who is categorised as B40; or
  2. Microenterprises/Micro SME with financing valued up to RM150,000.00; and
  3. HP/AITAB HP-i facilities must be approved on or before 30 September 2020 and not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at confirmation date.
2. Who is categorised as B40? Any Customers who is registered in the Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) / Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) database
  1. B40 Household (Married couples) – Monthly income ≤ RM4,000
  2. B40 Single – Monthly income ≤ RM2,000
3. How to define business entity as Micro SME? Customer is defined as Micro SME according to the Guideline on SME Definition issued by SME Corporation Malaysia: -
  1. Sales turnover of less than RM300,000 ; or
  2. Less than 5 full-time employees
4. What type of repayment assistance for customers categorised as B40/ Micro SME? The Bank is offering rescheduling package with reduction in instalments up to 50% with first 3-month deferment of instalments.
5. How to submit confirmation of assistance required? Submit via digital confirmation through dedicated website https://apply.pbebank.com/PbRnR/HPMain; or Visit Account Holding Branch to submit manual confirmation.
6. If I opted out of the auto- moratorium (announced in March 2020), am I still eligible for the rescheduling package? Yes. If you categorised as B40 or Micro SME, you are allowed to submit conformation apply this rescheduling package.
7. Does customer who has already signed up for the previous targeted repayment assistance still eligible for this rescheduling package Yes. If you categorised as B40 or Micro SME, you are allowed to submit conformation apply this rescheduling package subject to reduction in instalments up to 50% of the original monthly instalment.
8. Any documents to be furnished? No submission of document is required from customer.
9. What is the interest rate/ profit charged? The effective interest rate/profit (ie. Annual Percentage Rate) to be charged will be similar to the original HP/AITAB HP-i Agreement.
10. Unable to submit the confirmation? Contact Regional Helpdesk numbers as displayed in Public Bank website for assistance.
11. Is the extended tenure after rescheduling covered by the existing HP Decreasing Term Assurance (HPDTA) / HP Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT)? No. The existing HPDTA/HPRTT coverage is only up to the maturity date under the original HP/AITAB-i Agreement.
12. How to extend the HPDTA/HPRTT coverage for the extended tenure? Contact your account holding branch to take up a new HPDTA/HPRTT coverage on the new rescheduled terms.